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Dredging Equipment

Monica and Amber are our two Dredges.




Amber can move up to 800 cubic meters of water per hour. Dredging capacity >280 cubic meters per hour of solids over 400 meters at 3 meters head without a booster.  

Design Criteria - Part of the design criteria was to be able to use the dredge in caustic dam environments, and therefore it can be controlled from the cabin or via radio control and video link.

The hull, decks, handrails, cabin and most of the support infrastructure on board are stainless steel and as such maintenance requirements are reduced significantly.



Monica's dredging is performed in straight line cuts using the stern thrust unit to provide ground engagement force. Depending on material and requirements, either single pass at specified depth or bench cutting is used. Dredging at 90 degrees to original cuts removes most of the material and if required sweeping to clean up.

As no winches or spuds are fitted the dredge is extremely manoeuvrable and well suited for tight areas e.g. around jetty pylons, mooring areas, tanks and small dams. This also allows the dredge to be moored in secure areas quickly and maintenance, refuelling, etc. can be carried out at the mooring as there is no requirement to pull or relocate anchors.



Health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, as well as environmental care, are our most important priorities. All work sites have different conditions and hazards and we strive to identify and mitigate these hazards using an array of tools including job safety analysis, take five, task risk assessments, training and, in most cases, the knowledge and expertise of client personnel. We have successfully managed health and safety in extremely hazardous environments including caustic dams through rigorous attention to detail. Our procedures and equipment used in these dams have been designed or modified to keep personnel safe and we endeavour to align our procedures and practices with the site-specific safety rules and regulations.